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From the History of the Maldaner Family's

The oldest Register - Documents.
All documents (exept Nr.5) are in the "Landesregierungsachiv Innsbruck / Austria".

1.) Urbar 74/2 from the year 1295-1310
List of people and farms, which the men von Starkenberg have in possession, but lawful belong to the sovereign of  Tirol.
"Nota, quod illi de Starckenberch de omnibus pascuis abstulerunt hominibus de Vmst alpes.... in quibus fecerunt swaigas ... Item alpen in maldan".

2.) Urbar 224/1, fol.74 about the year 1370
Urbar of the men from Rottenburg, 2.half of the 14. century. "Item the farm at maldan pays two and twenty pounds "perner" one sheep one lamp one fawn. He gets five bushel corn.

3.) Imst Fasc. 2, Document 11 from july 13. 1385
Heinrich from Rottenburg gives Hödlin the Maldanfarm to rent.

4.) Urbar 74/3, fol. 45 from the year 1385
Urbar from the dominion Starkenberg.
For the farm at Malldan pays the Hödly ... 8 pounds.

5.) In the churcharchive at Lermoos. April 23. 1399.
Ulrich Tollinger living befor at Biberwier, sales his 1/4 part of the Schwaigern(farm) at the Lermooser Justice ...,
to the honourable Cristian the Bräustlich the Maldaner's son from the Lechvalley".

6.) Document II/4202 December 18. 1401.
Document about the splitting from the upper church at Holzgau from the primary church at Ebigenalp.
we the subscribet Ullin pärlin,..., Cuntz maldaner, ..."

7.) Codex 12 from the year 1427.
Tirol's subject-list from the year 1427.
Page 103/b "from Steg. Kristian Meldaner his wife and kids Hennsl, Oswalt, Els".
Page 104/b "Stockach. Hanns Maldaner and his wife".
Page 106/a "am Pach. Peter Maldaner his wife and kids Peter, Gret".

8.) Imst Fasc.3, Document 16 from may 26. 1448.
Hanns Hödli and his inherites from Obtarrenz are giving to those from Imst the Maldanfarm for sale. (price 26 Marks)
"Me Hanns Hödli ... gave away and sold the Swaighof at Maldan..."

9.) Imst Fasc.3, Document 17 from Aug.2.1448.
The souvereign gives to Imst the Maldanfarm for rent.
"Me Sigmund from goods grace Duke from Austria...confess that our faithful Hanns and Hainrich Hödli from Tarrenz..., theire right of succession at the farm called Maldan ..."

Ps.: a "Urbar" is a book, where all people have been registered with all the payments they had to make to the souvereigns of the state or country.

collected and written by Hubert Malthaner in the year 1956
translated and placed in the internet by Wilhelm Zannoth at Feb.2000.

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